Post Rehabilitation

Pilates is a great toll to aid in rehabilitation of spine conditions, joint injuries, muscular imbalances since it works from the inside out bringing the mind into the body in every exercise.

Every exercise is executed from the center of power of your body making every movement more efficient. At Smart Moves Pilates you will be instructed in how to recruit the muscles in your Powerhouse to stabilize your pelvis and to strengthen all your postural muscles to enjoy freedom of movement, correct all postural patterns and alleviate anxiety and stress.

Smart Moves Piltes uses an integrated approach assessing the client's postural health, lifestyle, muscular imbalances etc. to design an individualized program. At Smart Moves Pilates we are pleased to continue working with referrals from members of the following clinical professions: Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, etc.

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