Pilates for Shoulder and Neck Pain

The Pilates Method is well known for its contribution to spine health and the reduction of pain. At Smart Moves Pilates, we put a great deal of emphasis on correct use of the abdominal muscles, accessing the very deep layers of the transverse abdominals and the pyramidalis muscles, as well as the internal and external obliques. The client is cued into keeping the spine neutral, particularly the lumbar area as they perform any exercise. If the pelvis is tilted forward, arching the back, it increases stress in the lumbar vertebrae and disks, increasing tightness in the quadratus lumborum, erctor spine and iliopsoas muscles.

If the pelvis is tucked, as many abdominal exercises are taught, then the lower back is somewhat protected, but only the rectus abdominus is strengthened, ignoring the powerhouse of support that comes from using all he layers of abdominal muscles together.

In Pilates, many exercises and stretches are given to relieve tightness in the back and strengthen the muscles that support correct posture in everyday life.

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