Pilates for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

Applying the Pilates principles and adding weight bearing exercises we will focus on strengthening all the structures around the joints and in proper biomechanics to help you to maintain bone density while adding movement and flexibility.Osteoporosis affects the spine, hip and wrist more than other bones.

Do's and Don'ts of exercising living with osteoporosis:
Do Not flex the spine
Do Not excessively twist the spine
Do Not abduct the legs
Do Not put excessive pressure on the wrists
Do emphasize proper posture

Why is Pilates great for Osteoporosis?

The Pilates Method addresses all the concerns of the client suffering osteopenia/osteoporosis:
Increasing bone density with resistive exercise
Coordination and balance to reduce risk of falling
Improving posture to decrease risk of fracture
Improving flexibility
Improving overall strength

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